Before becoming digital, I studied Industrial Design in Spain and in Italy. I’ve worked as a Designer for a furniture company based in Madrid with factory in Ghuangzhou and a design studio based in Milano. Here you’ll see some of the products designed for the physical world.



2010 – A cutting surface that comes from a study to eliminate unnecessary movements while chopping food. It enables a more secure and hygienic way by having a small bin for scraps and a shape that let’s you cut just above your plate or pan. These new movements create a whole new experience which can be connected to a green golf course, which helps understand the emotion of the object itself.





2010 – During my stage at Deepdesign I was part of several projects. Most of them were for SERRALUNGA one of the most successful clients of the studio and well known for outdoor furniture.  Here you can see one of the examples, the Barcelonina a piece that follows Barceloneta chair and that also tributes Mies Van Der Rohe’s and Lilly Reich’s creation.




2009 – A project made in collaboration with Evangelos Seimizidis and Manuel Torres for Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Milan). The goal was to create an object that came from a famous personality, we were given Clint Eastwood. We proceed studying the emotions and feelings it’s characters spread and had in common. Fairness, restraint, straight forwardness, these words gave us the typology: Security Boxes. They are meant to be hidden, but this person didn’t respond to this idea so we decided to expose the object and still keep the same level of security. We ended up having an object which visually would look relaxed and safe but if you were to interact with it you would have to be very sure of what your were about to do.