2016 – Tuenti has evolve into a digital mobile operator, with these apps you’ll be able to call friends and family here or abroad, as well as call home when you’re out, using any cell phone or computer. You can also easily keep control of your usage,  chat, send SMS messages… and most important! if you area a Tuenti mobile operator client, use the app limit-free. Here’ you’ll see examples of projects. I moved from Ui Designer to Senior Visual Designer during my stage in this company.


2016 – A brand renewal was required to Saffron, after running several interviews with us and a few months of brand definition and design, they came up with a new identity. The task for the product design team was to apply a new universe to the existing apps and platforms. In order to move fast with engineering I proposed a new way of working between engineering and design based on a document shared by both teams.